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Sunday, September 3, 2023

Explore why going Vegetarian is the way to go for a healthier you. Uncover health, fitness, flavour, and Halal perks of vegetarian meals. Discover why veggies deserve the spotlight this month!

The journey from food to cuisine takes you from the baseline of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to a realm of indulgence and delight. Much like everything else, food has become a lifestyle element for many of us, transcending its role as a mere lifeline. Regional cuisine continues to hold a pivotal place in culture – and like other cross-cultural interactions in the post-globalisation world, being able to explore various culinary delicacies is one of the greatest blessings for enthusiasts of gastronomy, or as we call them, foodies!

Here in the UK, we are open to a medley of ingredients from all over the world, including several types of meat. If anything, we love our meats. However, a lot of civilisations have thrived on an all-vegetarian lifestyle for centuries. For the longest time, plant based meals just didn't make the limelight. Most food lovers found the idea of an all-vegetarian meal too boring and pretty one-note. That is now in the past. Thanks to all the fitness enthusiasts and influencers, the vegetarian meal debate has finally made its way to the global culinary circuit.

We start this September off with a celebration of vegetarian food and a look at why veggies deserve a shot this month!

It’s Healthy

We live in difficult times where staying healthy really isn't easy. Imagine breathing carbon left, right and centre. Top it off with all the GMO-laden grease-fest we've been gobbling up under the guise of "delicious food." The result of all of this is a sad heart, literally! To make matters worse, add high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, and even cancer to the list of problems you could end up facing. This is where vegetarian meals shine - they are a well-rounded solution to all these bad guys hounding your body.

Almost all plant based meal preps require lesser oil. You can even prepare vegetarian meals using the absolute bare minimum, which is always great for your heart. Green meals also have much lower chances of causing GMO-induced health conditions, which adds to the brownie points. Research is consistently proving that people with higher vegetable intakes rank higher on overall health markers. 

Fit for Fitness 

Who doesn’t crave that perfect six-pack or a stunning body to flaunt in your favourite outfit in the upcoming festive season? Unfortunately, those beef burgers and cheese pizzas don't help much on that front. Here’s the good news though - fitness and weight loss don’t mean starving yourself. Just be nicer to your gut. You can, in fact, munch on multiple smaller, high-fibre foods regularly and achieve your fitness goals very easily, if you go green. Most plant based meals are high in fibre and low in carbs and this makes them easier on your digestive system. In fact, if you hit the gym for cardio, core, or strength training, you need something that gives you a high-energy boost, aids muscle recovery and keeps your metabolism running. Green meals fit all three fitness checkpoints.

Veggies Aren't Boring!

Nope – Eating greens doesn’t mean you graze on salads and lettuce for life. One reason why most food lovers are averse to vegetarian meals is the myth that they will mostly be dull, and have less variety to offer. This is entirely false and baseless. With the variety of vegetables that are available along with all the condiments, spices, seasonings and sauces you can be as creative as you want. One of the bestsellers at Bozu is our Sweet Potato Falafel served with noodles and laden with spices, parsley, pepper, thyme and other seasonings that make it an absolute taste-bud-tingling affair. This is just one of many such examples on our vegetarian menu. You can go as wild as you want with your vegetarian experiments. It just works.

Easy to Prep

That vegetarian food prep, it’s a real winner. It's easy on time, breezy on the wallet and kinder to the planet. You have so many alternatives to choose from that it is convenient to substitute one ingredient with another or drop something entirely without compromising on the overall food quality or flavour. You don’t have to worry about animal cruelty or struggle with meat tenderising when handling the greens. Simply wash, chop, stir, toss and serve how you like. vegetarian food is, in fact, real fast food and healthier too!

Halal Friendly

Plus, finding good ready made food delivery services that actually have Halal Meat Certification and offer consistent quality isn't really that easy. This is where vegetarian meals really shine though. Since they're all plant based meals, they're considered Halal by default and you just can't go wrong with them. That in itself is a pretty solid reason to go vegetarian.

Looking for a Vegetarian Meal Plan Subscription or Plant Based Meal Prep Service?

Bozu offers a range of delicious meals and snacks as part of our menu. They're all well-balanced, portion-controlled healthy meals carefully crafted by our in-house chefs to ensure low calorie counts, but with nutritional values off the charts.

If you'd like to learn more about our processes or how we prepare and deliver our meals, get in touch with Bozu today. Our staff and chefs are super friendly and always available to answer any questions you might have!