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Friday, April 16, 2021

Plastic pollution, and the culprit that is single-use plastic, is a huge issue facing us all right now. Whilst many of us have our own issues to deal with too, a problem that brings us all together is plastic pollution - it unites us all.

We’re pretty sure that everyone wants to minimise the damaging effects that plastic usage has on the globe, but sometimes they just don’t know where to start, or it feels like a much bigger problem than one they can help to solve.

Here at BOZU, we agree that businesses should do their bit wherever they can to reduce their plastic waste for the company and for their customers too. With that in mind, we’ve now gone plastic-free! This plastic-free pledge aims to increase our sustainability, and help our customers to reduce their plastic usage and waste too. Meal preps can often use a lot of plastic for storage, but Bozu offers an environmentally friendly alternative. After all, why wouldn’t you want A HEALTHIER YOU and a healthier planet?


To understand the importance of our pledge and the effort we should all make to reduce our plastic waste, it’s important to recognise the problems that plastic causes. One of the main issues is that plastic can end up in our oceans -between 8 AND 14 TONNES OF PLASTIC ENTER OUR OCEANS EVERY YEAR and this has a severe impact on the species that inhabit it. For example, chlorinated plastic can release damaging chemicals which are harmful to the species that drink the water. This also happens when CHLORINATED PLASTIC RELEASES HARMFUL CHEMICALS into soil, affecting nearby water sources and the ecosystem.

And it’s not just the planet and other species the issue of plastic pollution is having a severe effect on, it’s directly affecting us as human beings too. In developing parts of the world, such as parts of Asia and Africa, plastic pollution is most visible. Because THESE PARTS OF THE GLOBE HAVE POOR OR NON-EXISTENT WASTE COLLECTION SYSTEMS, they have trouble discarding plastic properly. That’s just one of the many reasons we all need to take action where possible. Those living amongst this plastic can suffer damaging consequences to their health. Some studies have even suggested that WE ARE INGESTING FIVE GRAMS OF PLASTIC PER WEEK. This then enters our bloodstream and can contribute to several diseases, including cancer. That’s just one of many effects that plastic has on our health - the list could go on. 

So, what does all of this mean for the future? It means that unless we take action now and do what we can to reduce our plastic usage and minimise the negative effects on the environment, we’ll be faced with even more serious consequences in the future. That’s why we’ve decided to operate a zero plastic policy - to do our bit and to help you do yours too. Whilst meal prep and diets might be our speciality, we are passionate about general health and wellbeing too. After looking at the severe consequences that plastic usage can have, we decided we needed to take action.


Customers today believe that COMPANIES SHOULD AIM TO HELP THE ENVIRONMENT and the planet as a part of their core business plan. At Bozu, we’re doing just that. As a business, WE WORK CLOSELY WITH BIOPAK - a company that specialises in sustainable alternatives to plastic packaging. BioPak creates alternatives to single-use plastics as a solution to reducing plastic pollution - it’s packaging that puts the planet first and works towards the goal of a waste-free world. They use plastics derived from plants, not oil, and other renewable resources from their manufacturing partners in Asia. This packaging is designed to be compostable and recyclable, making it the ideal alternative to single-use plastic. We have loved combining our business mission with THE MISSION OF BIOPAK to bring you meal prep delivery whilst minimising our environmental impact.

Besides the packaging we use in our CUSTOMER MEAL PREP DELIVERY, our staff are also committed to doing their bit to help the environment on an individual and personal level. They are provided and encouraged to use wooden cutlery when enjoying their healthy meals in our shop, and appreciate the importance of our biodegradable containers that must be used when doing their own personal meal prep.

There are so many benefits to using this alternative packaging and cutting down our plastic usage. If you’re a customer that regularly orders our meal preps for several meals a week, you’ll notice a significant reduction in your plastic waste, especially if you’re reducing your supermarket purchases as a result of purchasing our meal preps. Evidence now shows that using recyclable plastic is not enough - ONLY 9% OF PRODUCED PLASTIC HAS EVEN BEEN RECYCLED WHILST 60% ENDS UP IN LANDFILL OR IN OCEANS, meaning recycling plastic is not efficient. Where supermarket products are often packaged with single-use plastics, you can guarantee that every time you order from us, your Bozu meals will be packaged in a recyclable and sustainable alternative. 

Making an effort to reduce our use of plastic packaging allows us to feel a part of something big. THE MOVEMENT TO REDUCE PLASTIC USAGE is growing rapidly, and even though our individual actions may only seem small, they all amount to a larger cause that brings communities together. By providing customers with the best plastic-free packaging, we’re helping to reduce plastic pollution not only as a business but for the people that order from us too. When ordering from Bozu, not only will you receive tasty, healthy meals for your diet goals, but you’ll be playing your part in a bigger mission that unites us all - helping the environment.


As evident FROM THIS BLOG POST, the research that’s out there, and even the news nowadays, plastic pollution is a real issue that needs to be addressed, quickly. Whilst we all need to minimise our plastic usage on a personal level, businesses can do their bit by helping their customers to do so. Here at Bozu, our plastic-free pledge is our way of helping you to help the environment. ORDERING MEAL PREP FROM US now means so much more than just healthy meals. Whilst helping you to achieve your fitness and diet goals, we can also help you to reduce your plastic waste and to be a piece in the puzzle towards a zero plastic world one day. Get started on your journey to a healthier you and a healthier planet today by PLACING AN ORDER with Bozu! Feel free to GET IN TOUCH WITH OUR TEAM if you have any questions about our plastic-free pledge or our meal prep options.